Are you looking for a rental home in the area of Amsterdam but are you continuously failing to get them? With Keizerskroon Makelaars as a rental agent, you have a much better chance of success!

What are the benefits of having Keizerskroon Makelaars as a rental agent?

  • We are up to date on the newest, and thanks to our valuable network also the most unusual, rental properties - before they are even listed on the market.
  • Brokers prefer to rent out homes to other brokers because they know that they will receive the correct documents. By using Keizerskroon Makelaars as your rental broker, you have a greater chance of getting a popular home from another broker, than if you were to try it by yourself.
  • We guide you in delivering the required documents and in signing the correct legal documents.
  • We help you find a neighborhood that meets your needs. Many people instantly search for a home in the center but tend to forget that there are a lot of other nice places to live in Amsterdam.
  • We are available for any legal inquiries throughout the entire rental period.

Our method - quickly and effectively finding the perfect rental property in 5 steps:

1. Intake

When you register as a searcher at Keizerskroon Real Estate Agents, we map the wishes that your ideal rental property must meet.

2. Search

We will get to work for you immediately and we will send you an e-mail with the available properties that meet your searcher's profile. We plan viewings at the properties selected by you and will view these listings together.

3. Rent proposal

If you are interested after the viewing we will, on your behalf, send the required documents and a rental proposal to the landlord. We will always try to close a good deal.

4. Rental contract and check-in

If the landlord agrees, we sign the lease contract and follow up with the check-in. If the renting party does not arrange an inspection, we will do this for you. That way you can never be blamed for any damage afterward.

5. Aftercare

We will be back with you for the check-out. During the rental period, you can always contact us if you need advice or any assistance.

What are the costs if you rent a home through Keizerskroon Real Estate Agents?

As a broker, you pay 1 month's rent excluding VAT (21%).