Divorce, cohabitation and separation, disagreements within a VVE/or with neighbors, advice on permits and renovations, advice on public environmental works. The estate agent is not only architecturally but also legally skilled and experienced. In short: in all situations and problems concerning real estate, the broker is the first point of contact for advice. As a rule, this will be free of charge in the first case. If it is too specific, we will refer you in the right direction. Everything within our office is therefore arranged to have and retain satisfied clients. But the same applies to all your relationships.

Keizerskroon Makelaars is happy to advise, relieve and assist you with:

  • Real Estate Advice
  • On disputes
  • Legacies (legacy/divorce)
  • Developments
  • Split and merge
  • Houseboats
  • Legal and tax issues.
  • Investments and investments

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