Are you looking for your dream home or do you have a house in mind? It is very important to hire a professional that acknowledges the interests of you as a buyer; an NVM buying agent. Keizerskroon Makelaars is committed to providing you professional service along the entire purchasing process.

Three reasons to use a buying agent:

1. Find a home faster

As buying agents, we are the first to be informed of the latest offers from our competega colleagues, even before the properties are listed on Funda. This allows us to can switch much faster if a new home comes up for sale that meets your searcher profile. In Amsterdam in particular, houses are sold like hotcakes, so you want to prevent yourself from coming a day after the fair.

2. Avoid a pig in a poke

If you want to have a home, chances are that you are guided by emotion and therefore pay too much for the home. Especially when another party has already made an offer for the home that you would also like to purchase. A buying agent is there to protect you from this. We can make a good balance between the risks and a good price.

3. Experience and expertise in the housing market

We look at the value of the home, the legal aspects and the structural condition. We conduct negotiations with the selling agent and try to negotiate the lowest possible price for you under the most favorable conditions.